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Expert advice to take care of your appliance

This section is intended to provide you with helpful hints in order to get the best out of your Indesit appliance including general care and maintenance tips and common questions and answers about the performance of a particular Indesit product.

There is a section for our major product groups Washing machines, cookers, fridges, freezers and dishwashers as well as advice about stacking and height reduction kits and some energy saving tips too.

We also have a separate area with advice about effective cleaning of your Indesit Appliance.

Indesit Washing Machines

How to get the best results from your Indesit Washing Machine, with simple yet effective advice on how to do your laundry.

Indesit Dishwashers

Sparkling results made easy. Advice on using your Indesit dishwasher and some helpful advice on removing stains and tarnishes. Includes general advice about the loading and unloading of your Indesit dishwasher as well.

Indesit Cookers

How to get the best out of your Indesit cooker, oven or hob. Includes common questions about cooking performance together with the differences between cooker types such as fan and conventional ovens as well as advice on recipe selection.

Indesit Fridges and Freezers

Getting the best out of your Indesit fridge, freezer or combination fridge-freezer. Includes advice about storage space and correct storage of food in a fridge and freezer.

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