The new dishwasher for all sizes

Enjoy eXtra results, in just one hour
  • New eXtra Cycle
  • Inverter Motor
  • eXtra Light option
  • Room for everything, from S to XXL

    The new eXtra cycle is specially designed for larger items such as dripping pans, hob grids, pizza tins and big saucepans.
    Simply remove the top basket to enjoy 53 cm of vertical space and sparkling washing results.

  • For stubborn food stains.

    The combined action of the Inverter motor and the innovative hydraulic system guarantees perfect results in one hour, even on extra-soiled dishes.

  • Special care for delicate items.

    The eXtra Light option provides the perfect solution for washing large, delicate items with utmost care.

New Extra Hygiene

For your peace of mind

This new cycle is specifically designed for your baby’s toys, feeding bottle, cutlery and dishes, to ensure absolute care and hygiene.

Baby Care

For bacteria-free dishes

Baby Care is a specially designed cycle that removes 99.9999% of bacteria, thus ensuring hygiene for all the family, and especially for babies and toddlers*. Baby Care provides easy and effective cleaning and drying of any object, not only food-related items but also toys and other accessories requiring thorough cleaning.

Pure Italian design

Indesit’s eXtra dishwashers are beautiful and eye-catching. Pick your favourite look: stainless steel, silver or white with grey inserts.

Maximum effectiveness

The EXtra dishwasher doesn’t require any hand washing: the pre-wash is done by the machine itself with the Eco and Normal programmes, while maximum performance can be achieved with the automatic programmes thanks to the turbidity sensors and the Inverter motor, which optimize all the wash parameters.

Ease and flexibility of use

Loading and unloading an EXtra dishwasher is easy and safe thanks to baskets designed for maximum flexibility that take up to 14 place settings. With tall pots, the easy-to-use lift-up system raises the top basket to get an extra 3.5 cm of space.

Minimum consumption levels

With eXtra dishwashers, only 9 litres of water (around 44% less than traditional dishwashers*) are needed to wash up to 14 place settings.
The Indesit eXtra range has also achieved maximum energy efficiency in class A+++, which guarantees top washing and drying performance with energy consumption levels 20% lower than A+. So reducing expenses and environmental impact will be easier for everyone.
* ie. a dishwasher that uses 16 litres of water.

Technology and safety

All eXtra dishwashers have technologically advanced systems to guarantee maximum peace of mind during use. The new virtual sensor intervenes in the case of foam or a clogged filter by modulating motor speed and water supply to solve the problem without interrupting the wash cycle. In the event of sudden changes in water pressure or breakage of the water supply pipe, the Water Stop system immediately cuts off water intake by closing the tap, so that the machine stops.
The Overflow system, on the other hand, guarantees smart control of how much water is fed into the dishwasher. If the necessary amount of water is exceeded, the system interrupts the machine’s operation and discharges the excess water.


Indesit dishwashers work silently so you can happily get on with something else. The new Inverter motor and sound-proofing materials in fact ensure silent washing at night as well by reducing the noise level to 44 d(B)A, comparable to a quiet conversation.

Programmes and options

The new eXtra dishwashers have a generous array of programmes and options meeting every need: from the ECO to the INTENSIVE programme, from the RAPID 40 minute cycle to the HALF LOAD and the DELAYED START option.


The insides of the new EXTRA dishwashers are 100% stainless steel, a material that maximizes washing and drying performance and guarantees perfect hygiene and long-term reliability.