How to Find the Best Refrigerator for You.

How to Find the Best Refrigerator for You.
A simple buying guide.

It’s hard to even picture a kitchen without a fridge. We rely on them for the absolutely essential task of storing our food.

You can quickly get overwhelmed by the different types of fridges and the various features they offer. Our handy fridge buying guide will help you pick the right one for you!

Ready? Let’s get started!

1. Pick a style

Top freezer, bottom freezer, compact, French door... and the list goes on.

Let’s focus on the key features of the most common types of fridges, so you can start deciding which one would work best for you.

Double door

This is a popular type of fridge, with a small freezer cavity placed at the top. Double door appliances offer good capacity, meaning you can fit lots of items inside it, even when their exterior size appears limited. If the environment is important to you, remember that double doors offer great energy efficiency!

Fridge Freezers

Fridge freezers simply take the layout of double doors and switch it around. So, as you generally use the freezer less than the fridge compartment, this is placed at the bottom of the appliance, rather than the top. With fridge freezers, the items you’ll be handling more often (the ones in the fridge) will be at eye level, when opening the appliance door.

Monodoor fridges

Monodoor models feature a single door, housing the fridge. If you have a separate freezer, the monodoor option might be just what you need: without the freezer compartment taking up volume, a monodoor fridge can provide you with all the space you need to easily fit and refrigerate your food.


Compact fridges, whether table-top or under counter, are ideal for offices, kitchenettes or guest rooms. With their compact size, they can be placed in rooms with little available space. If you’re looking for a second fridge, or if few people will be storing goods inside it, a compact (or mini) fridge might be a great option for you.

2. Consider the integrated option

Indesit offers integrated (aka built-in) fridges, too.

So, if you’d like your new fridge to fit seamlessly in with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry, this is an option you can consider. Integrated fridges come in most of the versions described above, so your choices won’t be limited. Integrated appliances and the cabinets they fit inside of are usually designed to follow standard sizes, but make sure to double check! And that leads us to...

3. Size things up!

Time to pull out the tape measure. Before purchasing your fridge, make sure you’ve sized up the space you have available. Given the different types of fridges available, their sizes vary considerably. Make sure to check the size specifications when planning your purchase!

Oh, and don’t forget to measure the width and height of the doors in your house! You wouldn’t want to receive your shiny new appliance, only to discover it can’t get through the front door!

4. Know your needs

Modern fridges offer a great selection of cool features (we’ll talk about them briefly in the next section). But you should also look out for basic, common sense ones, too. Here are a couple of examples of features you might need.

Reversible hinges

Whether you go for an integrated or freestanding appliance, make sure you check which way the fridge doors open (right-to-left or left-to-right), and if that works for your kitchen layout. Some fridges feature reversible hinges, so the door can mounted to fit your needs.

Sliding shelves

In large families, food tends to pile up. Some items get shoved to the back of the fridge or freezer, and forgotten. Sliding shelves are a simple, but handy feature that allow you to pull them out, making it easier to find what you’re looking for and arrange the items inside your appliance.

5. Pick your perks!

Flexi Use Box

Preserve to perfection.

Indesit’s Flexi Use Box is a versatile compartment that provides the perfect temperature for your fruit, meat or fish. Depending on where you position the Flexi Use Box, its temperature can be tailored to your specific needs: one position provides just the right temperature for your fruit, while meat and fish, which require lower temperatures, have their own position.

Indesit’s Flexi Use Box ensures your food will last longer and taste better!


Tailored to fit your needs.

Indesit’s Openspace layout system allows you to remove, shift and personalise the layout of your freezer.

Smart freezer boxes can be placed inside it, to store a higher quantity of smaller items, or you can remove them, to make space for larger ones, such as pizza boxes or that delicious turkey you plan to cook for Christmas!

Drink dispenser

Fresh water, anytime.

The drink dispenser is a feature on selected Indesit fridges that provides chilled refreshing water, whenever you feel like it.

A spacious water reservoir is fitted inside the fridge door, and when it runs out, filling it up again is as easy as (pardon the pun) drinking a glass of water!