Cooking can be fun. Cleaning up can't.
(But you can make it easier and cost efficient!)

Time is precious: pick appliances that help minimise your effort.

Cooking can be fun. Cleaning up can't.
(But you can make it easier and cost efficient!)

I love cooking. I search the Internet for recipes and watch just about every cooking show out there.

Finding the ingredients, combining them, and adding my own little twist to a recipe is a little hobby of mine. I love placing them in the oven, or on the hob, and watching as they turn into something delicious for the family to tuck in to.

Then, of course, comes the boring up. For those of us who cannot afford help, it’s inescapable.

Luckily, I found cooking appliances that really help me out. A friend of mine told me about them, after I’d been going on at her about how much I hate trying to get the oven’s glass panel clean.

It’s Indesit’s cookers collection. I loved it as soon as I saw it, because it checked all the boxes, for me: stylish, functional, affordable. What’s not to like? :)

Returning to the oven’s glass panel: cleaning it now is simple. In three effortless steps, I can safely remove it from the oven of my new cooker, making it extremely easy to wipe down. You take it out, and clean it, without having to crouch in awkward positions, or go mad trying to get to an elusive stain. Easy!

As with most normal families, expenses are a concern. Another good thing about the cookers collection is that it’s amazingly energy efficient. The hob’s burners are designed to focus the flame on the pan, reducing gas consumption, while the oven’s energy efficiency is outstanding.

Bottom line: I waste less, save more, and spend less time cleaning up. Perfect!

You can find out more about our cookers collection here.