My washing machine is a time machine

Save energy, water and (most importantly!) time.

My washing machine is a time machine

Hubby and I sat down to make a TO DO list, the other day. Once we’d finished, we looked at all the items on our list, and realised there literally weren’t enough hours in the day to get them all done.

You’ve been there: children, job, house chores, shopping, cleaning, planning, fixing, cooking. If, by some miracle, we have any left-over time, we try and squeeze in a little relaxation—a film, a book, a tête-à-tête meal (ha! Remember those?).

Take the laundry, for instance. It just keeps piling up, endlessly. By the time I remove fresh laundry from the washing machine, there are at least two loads ready for a spin. Washing clothes can eat up your time. And to parents, time is very precious!

What about the water and electricity! It was costing us a fortune.

So we scrapped the TO DO list momentarily, and focussed on something else—a time machine.

Yup, a time machine.

A couple of friends told us about Indesit’s MyTime washing machines, and we looked into them. It was exactly what we needed. We instantly got rid of our old one, and went for MyTime. Out with the old, in with the new!

Wow. What a difference it’s made.

This little jewel has 6 ultra-fast programs, that range from 20 minutes (yes TWENTY!) to 59 minutes, depending on the type of load. I pop the laundry in and, before I know it, it’s spotlessly clean.

Since we switched to MyTime, we actually wash more frequently, but have a lot more free time!

Our other concern were savings (of course). An inefficient appliance translates into extra costs, month after month. So how did our new appliance fare?

The answer: amazingly. For small loads, water savings are over 70%.

So, yes, a time machine. We might not be able to travel to the future, or the past. But we certainly get to enjoy the present a lot more.

You can find out more about Indesit’s MyTime washing machines here.