On space, time and being a mum

Changes happen: they’re part of life. Handle them
with courage, love and ingenuity.

On space, time and being a mum

My baby daughter is not a baby anymore. At 19, that should have been abundantly clear to me. Apparently, it wasn’t: because as we pack her things for university, I still can’t believe she’s old enough to set off and live away from mum and dad.

But—gulp—it’s happening.

She asked me to help her sort out her new little flat. Please note: when I say ’little’, I mean little. It’s hardly bigger than the room she grew up in! But it’s what we can afford, and it’s quite nice, really. Most of all, she loves it.

It’s still an ongoing process, really, but we’ve got the basics covered.

The fridge, for instance. The lack of space in the kitchen made this tricky. We needed something small, but spacious. I wanted it to be sturdy and reliable, and possibly energy efficient, too—like all self-respecting students, my daughter is utterly broke, and saving on the bills is important.

After a bit of poking around online and asking friends, we picked a wonderful Indesit undercounter integrated fridge. We’re super happy with it!

For such a compact appliance, they’ve somehow managed to fit a whole lot of space in: shelves both inside the fridge and in the door, a roomy icebox and full-width salad bin. The glass shelves add a nice touch to it, while providing sturdier surfaces. Oh, and the anti-bacterial protection system ensures my baby’s (yes, I still call her that...) food stays fresher, for longer. Less waste equals more savings. Brilliant!

The reversible hinges came in handy, too. The layout of the room is slightly odd, and we needed the fridge to open left-to-right. Once it was installed, it fitted in seamlessly with the rest of the cabinetry.