Sometimes, smaller really is better

When the space at your disposal is small, compromise on
size, not quality.

Sometimes, smaller really is better

OK—this is going to sound terrible. I remember a time when both I and my exhausted hubby would collapse onto the bed, after a full day of work, house chores and (most of all) tending to our very demanding two-year-old girl. Sometimes, we’d utter words like, Won’t it be great when she’s in university, and we’ll have the house to ourselves?

I told you it would sound terrible. But please understand, it was exhausted humour. That’s all.

In any case, that time has come. Our baby daughter has somehow grown up, and is going off to uni. Now, how we wish we could go back to the days when she was a toddler.

She found a tiny (and I mean tiny) place to move into with her best friend. It’s hardly larger than the room she grew up in, but they are both crazy about it.

So, she asked me to help arrange things. My first piece of advice was: get a dishwasher.
It’s simply the no. 1 rule of peaceful house sharing. No dishes to wash = 90% less bickering. Guaranteed.

The problem was, we had to fit it in a cramped lavatory, with very little space available.

I spoke to some friends and googled around a bit, until I found the solution. Indesit’s line of super slim appliances. It was just what we needed.

At a super compact 45cm width, the dishwasher small enough to fit in and have a little room left over!

Being on a budget (aren’t all families?), we were a bit concerned about the price, but it turned out to be very affordable indeed. Phew!

It also has all sorts of programs and features they’ll find useful. Fast cycles, half-load function and a lot more.

My little girl (as my husband still calls her) will count a reliable, no-nonsense, efficient appliance that comes at just the right price tag.

Best of all: there’ll be no fighting over whose turn it is to wash the dishes.

You can find out more about Indesit’s slimline appliances here.