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Built in microwave oven: inox colour MWI 222.2 X UK F102859

This Indesit built in Microwave Oven features: combination technology, providing the cooking flexibility of traditional ovens.

Product details
Installation type: Built-in
Height (cm): 38.8
Width (cm): 59.5
Capacity (l): 25
Forced Air
Traditional Broil
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10 year guarantee on all parts.<br />
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10 year guarantee on all parts.
Subject to registration.
Terms and conditions apply.

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innovative technology
Forced Air
Forced Air

Combining the performance of the rear fan in your microwave with the power of convection cooking, get the great taste of conventional oven cooking in up to half the time.

Traditional Broil
Traditional Broil

Create delicious meals in the microwave with the Traditional Broil setting. Enjoy succulent middles and tasty, crunchy gratin finishes.

technical specifications
  • Cooking type: MW-Combi
  • Maximum micro-wave power (W): 900
  • Grill power (W): 1100
  • Height (cm): 38.8
  • Width (cm): 59.5
  • Depth (cm): 45.0
Structural features
  • Capacity (l): 25
  • Door opening: Button
  • Door opening mode: Hinged with button
  • Colour: Inox
  • Display type: Float glass
  • Grill grid: Yes
  • Grill type: Heating element
  • EAN code: 8050147028599
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