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YT M11 92SS X UK

Heat pump tumble dryer: freestanding, 9,0kg - YT M11 92SS X UK

This Indesit freestanding Tumble Dryer features: silver colour. Outstanding 9,0kg drum capacity, so you will never run out of space. Innovative technology ensuring extra silent performance.

Product details
Capacity (kg): 9
Energy Class: A++
Drying type: Heat Pump
Colour: Silver
Xpress 45' Cycle
Heat Pump
Rating: A+++ - D
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10 year guarantee on all parts.<br />
Subject to registration.<br />
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10 year guarantee on all parts.
Subject to registration.
Terms and conditions apply.

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innovative technology

Easy laundry drying in just one push! Perfect drying results for your daily load of cotton and synthetics clothes.

Xpress 45' Cycle
Xpress 45' Cycle

Timed and quick drying programme that dries your clothes in just 45 minutes, for all those last-minute dressing needs!

Heat Pump
Heat Pump

Heat pump dryers conserve and reuse hot air, keeping energy consumption to a minimum


An anti- crease treatment at the end of the cycle by a periodic rotation of the drum for up to 10 hours. It is particularly suitable when it is not possible to remove the laundry as soon as the drying ends, reducing the fixing of the creases.

EasyCleaning Filter
EasyCleaning Filter

CLEANING OF CONDENSER FILTER is now quicker and easier with 3 simple steps: 1. remove filter 2. quickly clean 3. replace&go!

Baby Cycle
Baby Cycle

The Baby Cycle provides all the care your little angel deserves, ensuring thorough drying action and fabric protection. For comfier, longer-lasting child clothing.

Mix Cycle
Mix Cycle

The Mix Cycle is designed to provide effective drying action for up to 4kg of mixed fabrics, saving you the hassle of having to separate your items.


Sport programme is ideal for all sports lovers, providing swift and effective drying action for all your family’s sportswear items.


To safely dry your most delicate and precious garments, even those with garnishments and decorations.


The drying programme suitable for wool clothing.


The special Duvets programme is designed to effectively wash duvets and other padded items, protecting their fabric and maintaining the feathers evenly distributed.

Direct Drain of water
Direct Drain of water

Forget about emptying the water tank. Save time and effort by connecting your dryer's drain hose to drain pipe.

9Kg Capacity
9Kg Capacity

With its 9Kg drum capacity, this Indesit dryer provides all the space you need for your laundry.

Adjustable dryness level
Adjustable dryness level

The Dryness level functionality offers different levels of residual moisture on garments, letting you choose between four solutions: Iron Dry, Hanger Dry, Cupboard Dry, Extra Dry.

User-friendly interface
User-friendly interface

The user interface of the Indesit dryer allows an intuitive interaction with the appliance, to let you monitor the progress of the drying cycles.

Child lock
Child lock

This option completely locks the control panel and prevents children from accidentally starting the machine and changing settings during the dry cycle.

technical specifications
  • Energy efficiency class: A++
  • Weighted annual energy consumption: 258
  • Noise level (dBA): 65
  • Connection rating (W): 850
  • Current (A): 10
  • Standard cotton programme time at full load: 211
  • Height (cm): 84.9
  • Width (cm): 59.5
  • Depth (cm): 64.9
  • Gross weight (kg): 46.5
Structural features
  • Installation type: Free-standing
  • Loading type: Front loader
  • Drying capacity (kg): 9
  • Drum volume (l): 120
  • Colour: Silver
  • Door colour: Black + Silver
  • Weight (kg): 44
  • Display type: 7 Segment / 1-24 h
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm): 150
  • Adjustable feet: Yes - all
  • End of cycle indicator: Yes
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  • Full tank indicator
  • Reverse tumble action
  • Condensation Efficiency: B
  • EAN code: 8050147667958
  • 12NC: 859991667950
  • F Code: F166795
  • Commercial Code: YT M11 92SS X UK
  • Start delay options: Continuous
  • Start delay time max. (h): 24
  • Adjustable dryness levels
  • Anti-crease function
  • Baby cycle
  • Big Items/Duvet
  • Buzzer
  • Child lock
  • Cotton
  • Crease Care
  • Delicates
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  • Drying Time Option
  • Fast 45'
  • Gentle
  • Jeans
  • Key lock
  • Mix programs
  • ON-OFF button
  • Refresh
  • Shirts
  • Standard cotton programme
  • Start/Pause
  • Synthetics
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